Me and my chommies vyied to the Checkers Centre da udder day, Hey I’m
telling u an, you’ll never believe it, I was there only for a couple
minutes,sathima. When I came out there was a Traffic Kerel writing a
parking ticket.So vyied up to him, and chooned, “Came way exse ,give a
O one chance,please kanna, don’t be like that, check this cab, the O is
puzzling?” This Kerel just gave me one dagger look (as if looks could
kill) and carried on skryfing the fine.

I got cross becos he was
ignoring me.I chooned him one time ” Hey you Potter Marie,what you
skryfing there”.Now he is checking me with contempt like he wants to
para with me or someting.I chooned him “Exse don’t dala me, you know
me, me I’m from the fives, right.You know fingers, you know Killroy,
you know Mafia Teddy and all, they all my bras.I’ll just make one call,
you’ll see…Hey dis potter is hearing nothing, He checking me blind
like what,what and all.Then he writing nother one ticket for having
plain tyres! So me, Im schemeing dis O is playing with fire. I chooned him ” Hey you dom
kop, you hiding behing your badge.Came way, I dala you with you uniform
and all.Then I chooned my chommies ” Hey exsa hold me,hold me, before I
damage dis O.He klaar the second ticket and put it on the
windscreen.Hey what you think of this potter marie , he started
skryfing another ticket.So I choon him “What kind exse, you got a
problem or what”.He klaar writing the third Ticket, for the cracked
windscreen! This went on and on for about 20 minutes. The more I swore
him, the more tickets he wrote.Potter , I screamed at him.Yet another
ticket. “Makri with no brains!” I shouted.His hand was shivering like
he got Parkinsons or someting.

I think his pressure was rising.He was
breathing heavier.I could not park any longer, So I chooned him Lakker
my gazi, sharp check you my outie my bus came way.