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 750 ml Cake Flour
 500 ml Bakers cone or special maize meal
 25 g Compressed yeast
 2 Eggs (optional)
 250 ml Semolina
 4 ml Salt
 300 ml Sugar
 200 ml Dessicated coconut

Sift flour, semolina, bakers cone and salt into a basin.


Mix yeast with 5ml sugar and 200ml water, make a well in the flour mixture and add creamed yeast mixture.


Add 750ml tepid water and mix to make a thick batter.


Leave aside to ferment for a few hours.
When bubble appear on the batter, add sugar, eggs and dessicated coconut and beat well together.


Heat a frying pan or thava and oil lightly. (Use a pastry brush or a piece of kitchen paper dipped in oil and rub over the entire pan).


Pour one ladle full of appau mixture in the centre of pan and turn pan around so that it forms a thin coating around the pan. Put a lid on and leave for a few minutes on moderate heat.


When cooked, the one side will be light brown and the top will have tiny holes. Do not turn and cook the other side.


Spread butter on side that is not brown and roll.
SERVE for breakfast or at tea time.