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Chana Magaj

Chana Magaj Sweetmeats

 500 g Packet Gram Flour
 60 ml Milk
 2 ½ Nutmeg
 500 ml Icing Sugar (2 Cups)
 12 ml Ghee or Butter
 500 g Butter or Ghee
 10 ml Cardamon Powder (Elachi Powder)
 250 ml Nespray or Klim
 Colour Almonds

Sift Gram Flour and rub 12ml butter and add milk.


Put through a processor till fine.


Use a thick bottom pan and add 500g butter or Ghee and fry Chana Mix till pale brown on low heat for around 15 mins.


Be very careful , do not burn the mixture.
Turn out into basin and allow to completely cool.


Add icing sugar, Cardamon Powder, Nutmeg and Klim or Nespray.


Mix well together and place into a glass square basin.

# When set cut into squares