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Gulab Jamun

 1 tin condensed milk
 60 ml ghee
 750 ml cake flour
 10 ml baking powder
 250 ml klim
 100 ml water
 60 ml gram flour
 5 ml ground cardamom
 ghee/oil for frying
 30 ml ground almond
 1000 ml sugar
 750 ml water
 5 ml rose water
Boil for 12 to 15 minutes and keep warm. Syrup must be thin.

Combine condensed milk, water, ghee and flavouring in a large mixing bowl.

Beat well. Add klim and gram flour and blend in. Sift dry ingredients and gradually add

to the liquid mixture to make a soft dough. Shape into long fingers and fry slowly in ghee/oil

till golden brown. Drain and dip in warm syrup. Drain on rack.